The lecture on "The Internet of Things: Current Situation, Problems and Solutions" delivered 2018-04-06 16:38:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

The next scientific seminar of department of No. 4 was held at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS.  The senior research fellow of the Institute, PhD Mammad Hashimov presented the report on the "The Internet of Things".

M.Hashimov gave detailed information about the creation and development of the Internet of Things. According to him, for the first time the phrase "The Internet of Things" was used by Kevin Ashton. This term began to draw attention after International Telecommunications Union analytics group's report on Internet status in 2005. In 2010, the number of items connected to the network (12.5 billion) was the world's first-ever (6.8 billion) history.

IT is applied in the agricultural, oil, gas sector, shopping malls, apartments, etc., the reporter said.

M.Hashimov spoke about the architecture of the IT and stressed that it has sensor, network and application levels. He noted that the main objective of the sensor level is to collect and exchange information from the physical environment with the help of sensors, to determine the route level through integrated networks to transmit data collected by the sensor level and to transmit that information to IT facilities and applications. The application level receives data transmitted over the network level and uses the same information to provide the necessary services and operations.

He talked about sensor networks, equipment used at this level, sensors of modern mobile devices, and network standards and standards used in the EU.

The speaker also briefed on the challenges related to each level of EU architecture. He stated that limited energy of sensors, physically endangered, increased electronic waste, and so on.  are deficiencies of sensor level. The absence of a common mechanism for network standards in the AI, the possibility of removing interconnections from the outside of the network, and etc. are network level problems. The maintenance of massive mass flow on ordinary servers, the need for researches for efficient use of fog computing and so on belong to the problem of application level.

Then, Mr. Hashimov talked about the shortcomings of the IT. Here includes marking equipment and absence of any international standards for its monitoring, With the development of technology, automation of human intervention in everyday activities with the use of IT, increasing the control of technology in our lives and other factors.

Later, he informed abut about security of IT. It is very easy to attack 70% of its devices, so there is a need for an effective mechanism to attack devices connected to the Internet, reporter said.

Finally, the reporter provided information about conferences and journals published in this field, and presented the growth forecast of Cisco's assets. He also talked about IT and Fog, AI and Dew, IT and Big Data, Cloud and Fog technologies.

Discussions were held around the report, questions were answered.


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