E-mail service has been established in the AzScienceNet. Mail-server has been installed and set for e-mail service of AzScienceNet in the INTERNET centre of the International Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS. In order to create mail boxes and to make changes, CommuniGate Pro software had been written and switched on. The number of represented institutes and organizations of ANAS is 35 in AzScienceNet. More than 2100 personal computers were connected to the AzScienceNet. At present, the number of users who are using e-mail service is 1500. Each of them is divided 1Gbayt memory capacity of mail box from Mail-server. 
  Each subscriber who connected to the AzScienceNet is identificated with domains in accordance with name of the institute and organization where he works. For example, depart1@iit.ab.az - 1st Department of the Institute of Information Technology, depart2@physics.ab.az - 2nd Department of the Institute of Physics, depart3@eco.ab.az – 3rd Department of the Institute of Economy, etc. Such identification of the domain names of institutes and organizations have been established on the basis of wishes and proposals. Computer users of ANAS enable to create email addresses of the institutes and organizations according to the following (Table 1) domains: 

aak.ab.az gia.ab.az
arch.ab.az history.ab.az
azmiu.ab.az ict.ab.az
baku.ab.az iit.ab.az
cert.ab.az ikt.az
cert.az itpcht.ab.az
cyber.ab.az itsc.ab.az
dcacs.ab.az lan.ab.az
dsacs.ab.az lit.ab.az
eco.ab.az phill.ab.az
elm.az nce.az
geo.ab.az shao.ab.az

AzScenceNet-mail server provides sending the various types of letters of 30 MB-sized files (texts, images, audio, and videos) from each user's mailbox. Mail-server has not restricted the amount of files receiving via E-mail.
Each user's own working computer intended for e-mail software (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat, etc.)., as well as using http:// webmail.ab.az mail.in any web-interface (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, etc.). they can send and receive letters. At present, free postal service is served for every user National Academy of Sciences in AzScienceNet.
  Separate domain name has been established for each organization of the Academy of Sciences. In connection with registration of new domain names you need to apply to the Institute for Information Technologies. User should take advantage of the following parameters to start own computer:
• SMTP server: ns1.ab.az
• Login: istifadechi_adi@teshkilatin_adi.ab.az
• SMTP port: 25
• POP3 port: 110
• IMAP port: 143
It is possible to check the remote mailbox. For this purpose it is necessary to enter the http://webmail.ab.az address. You can log in e-mail service of web-interface using user name, password and domain name belonging to an organization.

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