With the aim of efficient use of AzScienceNet’s opportunities, users’ computer register system had been created. In order to create register system MAC addresses (the physical address of a computer consisting of 12 letters and symbols) of personnel computers were used. Data on all the computers connected to the AzScienceNet were collected on a certain database. Each computer has connected to existed user name and reflected all data about for identification. These data can be used by AzScienceNet experts for prevention the problems causing disorders in the network:

      Creation of centralized register system of user computers assists for realization of following issues:

-          Prevents users’ unauthorized access to the network;

-          Assist in the fight against threats;

-          Minimizes the damage that could arise within the network;

-          Prevents users’ appeal to the forbidden sites;

-          Avoids downloading of network traffic via unnecessary data;

-          Avoids the appeals to web resources inappropriate to the scientific network profile.

In order to use AzScienceNet, the new users of the institute and organizations of ANAS should be registered in the computer register system.

Procedure for registration of new accounts to AzScienceNet required for:

-          User should submit the official letter to ANAS Institute of Information Technologies on behalf of the organization where he works;

-          The Managment Council of AzScienceNet should made a decision on the official letter;

-          User should fill the following form to connect to the AzScienceNet.


Users’ connection to AzScienceNet and creation of e-mails 

  1. Registration of the user computers (Internet access)


F.L.M      ________________________________________________

(last name, first name, middle name,)



Institute and organization      ___________________________________


Address    __________________________________________

(the address of the institution and the organization)


Floor          _____________________________________________


MAC address   __________________________________________


Contacts           __________________________________________


  1. Giving e-mails to users 

F.L.M      ________________________________________________

(last name, first name, middle name,)



Institute and organization      ___________________________________


Department          __________________________________________



Contacts   __________________________________________


Domen name   __________________________________________

Note: Name till @ symbol in the e-mail address is selected by the user.          

I got familiar with user policy and agree.

User’s signature:                                     /                                /

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