The goal of use policy of the AzScienceNet (Policy) is to provide purposeful and safe use of AzScienceNet resources in the solutions of scientific-research, scientific-practical and training issues implemented in the institutions of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

  1. General Provisions 

1.1  AzScienceNet is intended for solution of scientific-practical and training issues.

1.2  Policy determines utilization and condition rules from AzScienceNet.

1.3  Policy is applied to the all users of AzScienceNet.

1.4  Policy bases on existed legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan

1.5  Administrator of AzScienceNet is directly responsible for implementation of the policy (RFC 1173).

1.6  Each user of AzScienceNet should get familiar with this policy.

  1. Unacceptable conditions (some changes may be added in the list taking into account the frequency of development of information technologies)

2.1  Intentionally download, creation of computer viruses, also use of malicious software that penetrating to AzScienceNet and complicates the work of the other users.

2.2  Detection attempts of the gaps and passwords via investigating AzScienceNet network traffic.

2.3   Use of passwords of the other users of AzScienceNet or common utilization of the password.

2.4  Implementation of vandalism in any form against AzScienceNet equipment, communication lines and software.

2.5  Actions of violation aimed at AzScienceNet elements’ activity (computer, server, network communication equipment and their software).

2.6  Application to the resources which are not relevant to goals provided in a half paragraph 1.1 of Internet communication channel.

2.7  Unauthorized access and use of program and apparatus facilities to the network.

2.8  DoS and DDoS attacks that cause for download of AzScienceNet connection channels.

2.9  Delivery of spam and e-mails via AzScienceNet.

2.10 Falsification of IP-addresses used in AzScienceNet and in Internet (IP soofing).

2.11 Use of AzScienceNet resources in creation and delivery of obscene, pornographic or offensive images, also in other illegal actions.

2.12 Use of AzScienceNet resources for the fraud, to obtain benefits, commercial and illegal activity. 

  1. Actions to provide the rules for using AzScienceNet 

3.1  Permanent registration and monitoring of AzScienceNet use is implemented (collection of logs).

3.2  Following data related in Internet utilization of AzScienceNet users’ is registered:

-          Time of access to the Internet;

  -Duration of Internet use;

  - Visited Web-sites;

  - Volume and type of downloaded data.

3.3  AzScienceNet users’ access to the non-profiled web resources and download of some files (avi, mp3 etc. files) can be limited.

3.4  With the goal of to prevent lavishly use of internet connect channel of AzScienceNet, users’ access speed can be reduced.

  1. User agreement 

All the users of AzScienceNet should comply with this Policy. User agrees to comply with this policy:

I got familiar with the relevant policy and agree to follow all the principles.

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Policy has been elaborated in the ANAS Institute of Information Technologies and asserted in the Scientific council of the institute (On January 07 2011, protocol #1)

Note: RFC (Requests for Comments) documents were used for creation of this document. RFC is published by The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) assigned to international professional Internet Society (ISOC) that engaged in the development and availability of Internet network.

List of used RFCs:

RFC 5777 - Traffic Classification and Quality of Service (QoS))

RFC 2026 - The Internet Standards Process

RFC 1123 - Requirements for Internet Hosts - Application and service support

RFC 1066 - Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets

RFC 1095 - The Common Management Information Services and Protocol over TCP/IP (CMOT)

RFC 1155 - Structure and identification of management information for TCP/IP-based internets

RFC 1102 - Policy Routing in Internet Protocols

RFC 1392 - Internet Users' Glossary

RFC 1173 - Responsibilities of Host and Network Managers

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