Web-analytics challenges 2017-04-04 11:32:32 / CONFERENCES

The next scientific seminar  of Department No. 16  on , "Web analytics: current state and challenges" was held at the Institute of Information Technology. Colleague  of department  Kenul Dashdamirova  who delivered  the report  gave detailed information about  Web analytics tools, problems of Internet users, trends in this area, "Web Mining" and  so on.


The number of web pages that viewed, transition  from search systems to site, geography of users and their duration of stay  on site, audience of site and other information were analyzed to carry out the analysis of the website.


Noting that Web analytics is conducted via filters, log-analyzers and Internet analytics systems, she introduced rating of these systems.


According to her,  researches on  detection and analyses of knowledge,  integration of “Web Analytics" via "Cloud Computing", analysis of  emotions in  Web environment , impact of e-science to Web environment  and other areas by using  analysis information about competitors in Web environment , analysis of electronic medical resources,  "data mining" methods and algorithms in social networks are being conducted.


She informed about  input, processing, modeling  and analysis  stages of "Web Mining" and its categories.


In the end, there was an exchange of views on the subject, many questions were answered.

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