Researches conducted on “Green" information technology subject 2016-11-22 11:47:44 / CONFERENCES

Today, a next seminar of No. 4. Department was held at the Institute of Information Technology. The seminar was dedicated to ''Green" information technology, PhD, technical director of the institute Rashid Alakbarov said. Employee of department  Orkhan Mehdiyev delivered the report. Green information technology(IT) is a initiative aimed to reduce damage caused by using Green IT (Green computing) information-communication technology and harmful effects to enviorement, he said.


The reporter spoke about forthcoming tasks to make further progress in "green" IT. Development of energy-saving technologies and so on. are necessary for  minimizing  power consumption in computers and peripheral devices and for computers, servers, printers and other digital devices, .


Every year about 768 million trees are cut down for the production of paper used in offices all around the world. It is  vey essential  to use  ecomomic printing and  search programs  for the formation of a green IT culture, training  and promotion of  "Green" IT knoweledge assumes a great deal importance, he noted.


Reporter informed about icons, an ideal  "green" computer concept, green IT initiatives and so on. Then, Orkhan Mehdiyev gave brief information about laws, standards and certifications existing in this field.


In the end, there was an exchange of views on the subject, many questions were answered.

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