ANAS Academic-Secretary delivered a report on "E-Infrastructure Conference for the Eastern Partnership" 2016-11-01 10:07:43 / CONFERENCES

By supporting of the leadership of ANAS in scientific and technological directions are accepted consistent measures for the development of e-science in Azerbaijan.


As part of this, the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS conducts intensive cooperation with a number of international organizations, in particular, the leading European institutions in the field of e-science.


According to the foreign policy, including the Initiative of the Eastern Partnership pursued by the Azerbaijan Republic, in the field of information technologies is established ties of cooperation with the European Commission and also scientific structures of the countries which joined the Program of the Eastern Partnership (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia). The most obvious example of this is the realization of the project "EaPConnect" together with pan-European research and education network - Association GEANT, financed by the European Commission. As part of this project was created the Eastern Partnership countries covering regional scientific computer network, and these countries were able to connect to broadband Internet with all the scientific structures of Europe. 


The project "EaPConnect" as the main goals are set presentation to the countries of the Eastern Partnership of the latest technologies and international experience in the field of e-science, as well as support for the integration of these countries into the international scientific environment.


In this regard, during the year were regularly held training sessions and meetings. Also, as part of the project platform for cooperation in the field of e-science between countries in the region of the Eastern Partnership and the European Union member countries were established "E-Infrastructure Conference for the Eastern Partnership" (EaPEC: Eastern Partnership E-İnfrastructure Conference).

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