Theoretical basis of terminology and terminography was studied 2016-10-31 14:48:39 / CONFERENCES

A next scientific seminar of  No. 5 department on subject Theoretical basis of  terminology and terminography’’ was held.


A report was introduced by the employee of institute Sabina Fomenko. She informed about specific features of terms and features distinguishing them from general used words. Terms used in scientific style express specific concepts formed in various areas of science and technology.


Informing about research directions of terminology, she said that, typological, comparative, semasiological, functional, cognitive, historical and applied terminology on  theoretical, general, sectoral areas were included. Choice of terminological data in terminology, deployment of lexical units in specialized dictionaries, documented thesaurus and vocabularies and other methods are  used, reporter noted.


Automatic processing of terms via specialized computer equipments, service and systems caused development of terminology, she said. It is necessary to solve issues such as extraction algorithms of terminology from electronic texts, formal analysis of terms and characteristic of texts based on static distribution, unification of term and terminological systems, Sabina Fomenko said.


She informed about differences between electronic and traditional dictionaries, advantages of using electronic dictionaries and their types. Electron dictionaries gives opportunities to convey content of dictionary articles via graphic and multimedia tools, she said.


More than 20 thousand standards are used in organization of term system, she noted.


In the end, there was an exchange of views on the report, questions were answered.

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