First robot police officer to enter Dubai service in 2017 2016-10-25 10:07:39 / CONFERENCES

Dubai Police is set to put its first robot into service next year, it was announced on Monday.


The brief announcement was tweeted by Dubai Media Office as part of GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.


The tweet gave no further details but earlier this year it was reported that Dubai Police are planning to introduce robots and artificial intelligence to the force within four years.


“Robots could do the work of a police officer on the ground at certain situations,” Colonel Khalid Razooqi, General Director of Smart Department Dubai Police was quoted as saying in June.


Robots would be the latest high-tech move by Dubai Police which said last year that patrol officers had issued over 60 fines using Google Glass since the technology was introduced.


The gadget allows officers to identify road users who have outstanding warrants through the number plates.

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