Academic R.Aliguliyev "information war against our country and unite all world Azerbaijanis" 2016-06-08 12:39:59 / CONFERENCES

The fourth meeting of the World Azerbaijanis on June 3 as part of the "modern era of information warfare - from defense to attack, conditions, political realities and the new mechanisms of action" panel sessions.


Academic secretary of the Institute of Information Technology, the academic session made R.Aliguliyev 2016 25th anniversary of Azerbaijan's independence, he said. In this process, a number of achievements to date and the world's highest-based, has become a country with its own space satellite.


"Azerbaijan has the status of an independent state and the emergence of a variety of processes ongoing in the world, especially in the information war against our country makes it necessary to expand the activity of the Diaspora. Only in this case the truth about Azerbaijan, but also the culture, history and other fields, can achieve success more quickly to inform the world community ", - said the scientist linked to the diaspora organization of a unified national strategy and underlined the importance of the unity of the Azerbaijanis living abroad.


Academics said that the conditions of the modern information society in the virtual space in which the strength of each nation and the state of the electronic media cəkisilə measured: "It is no coincidence that the most developed countries of the world to promote a virtual political views and economic interests in a systematic and consistent work. In any country's economic development, international success is dependent on the receipt at the same time in the information war against him. "


According to him, President Ilham Aliyev approved in 2007 by the "Concept of National Security of Azerbaijan," it is noted that the country's national interests, not only in the real world, but also must ensure that the virtual world. In this respect, as a segment of the virtual world, Virtual formation and expansion of every Azerbaijani, especially scientists, experts, representatives of the media is very important.


"Azerbaijan - 2020" Development Concept of information security in the country to prevent incoming Internet traffic, global cyber attacks, information processes and the protection of the authorities' threats to information resources and systems protection, cyber security, raising the level of training and education in the field of expanding nationwide as one of the priorities reflected.


He is the virtual space to keep up with the information war encyclopedia Wikipedia portal fəallasmagın and stressed the importance of being active. That said, Wikipedia is now the deployment of objective information about the history of different content, language and customs, tradition, protection, national and moral values ​​and the prevention of manipulation and falsification by others, virtual rape, lies and slander, has created a real basis for conducting active and consistently fight: "the country's leadership pays special attention to ensuring national interests in virtual space. Carried out in this direction. Wiki all the research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences has been operating groups. However, in the case of article 3-5 million 200 thousand notorious neighbor Wikipedia, there are 50 million Azerbaijanis, 100 thousand article. Azerbaijan's resources are not enough, not only in the information war. Azerbaijanis of the world should unite in this fight. Our country has great potential for malicious forces to respond. "


Academic and social networks play an important role in the information war by creating opportunities for the exchange of information, as well as any country's history, language and culture, with the capacity to create danger, he said. The current lack of legal regulation of the Internet has created favorable conditions for activities of the attacker.


One of the problems as well as the formation of a unified information space scientist transliteration of the Azerbaijanis living in other countries, especially for children and youth that has created a number of difficulties. Stressing the importance of resolving the problems in virtual space transliteration of using foreign experience in this field and transliteration standards play an important role in protecting the national identity of the development said.

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