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No. 4 Institute of Information Technology Department, the seminar was held.


"Mobile network technologies" department employee, who presented a report on Malik Valiyev, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, gave detailed information about technologies. Speaking about the stages of development of the mobile network technologies 1G technology has been used since the early 1980s. The technology is modular analogue radio, and later applied to use 2G technology, said that the digital modular radio.


M.Valiyev 2000s, 3G technology has been widely used since 2010, said the 4G 5G technology in recent years, important measures have been taken due to the transition said. He said that according to a number of other distinguished 5G mobile network technologies, the initial stage of the use of 1 Gbit / s speed has been reached.


5G technology, high speed and productivity, access to large multimedia files, and so as soon as possible. Speaking about the advantages noted that as this technology to minimize network failures, allowing 65 thousand, in that the communication channel is of great importance to the television and radio broadcasting. He said that the main difference between this technology and other technologies to the high speed of downloading data in the future, "smart" houses, to allow wider use of ultra-HD and 3D videos.


5G technology would be opened in 2018 in the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea in MVəliyev users during the 10 Gb / s speed, said that will be offered. He noted that, according to studies conducted by leading technology companies, 5G technology in 2020, the rate of 20 Gbit / s will be increased.


In the end, the report was discussed, questions were answered.

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