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In modern times, standing guard over the health care system, public health, medical science, the development of the main goals of the strategy of sustainable development of any country. Scientific and technical progress is one of the issues that are important at a time when the scope of the application of advanced technologies in the field of e-medicine development, the solution of the existing problems. Healthcare information technology in the world, important measures are being taken to improve the quality of e-medicine.


The work is being carried out in Azerbaijan in this direction. Today, the establishment of a modern health care system, medicine advanced technologies and practical steps towards the solution of these problems, created in cooperation with the world's advanced countries, joint projects are being implemented.


On May 24, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Health, the Medical University and the Institute of Information Technology, organized by the "e-medicine and multidisciplinary problems" in the Republican scientific-practical conference on the development of e-health, scientific support and the identification of priorities in this sphere, ordination of scientific research, as well as continued cooperation with scientific centers of foreign countries would serve the objectives of the organization.


The event was held in the hall of the main building of the circular heads of the relevant government agencies, higher education institutions and research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of the leading scientists and experts in information technology and medical fields, media representatives.


Conference Speech by President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh opened. Head of e-medicine and healthcare, and the first event dedicated to multidisciplinary research, described this as a significant event for the country. E-medicine scientists and experts who are involved in various aspects of the formation of the problems to come together and prospects for future cooperation is of great importance in terms of defining the conference said, would contribute to the solution of these problems, he said.


Academic requirements of the healthcare system, to provide high-quality medical services based on their achievements in science, said that the basic conditions for wide application of innovative technologies. ICT in various spheres, including the use of medicine identified as a priority by President Ilham Aliyev stressed the A.Alizade the leadership of the President and the First Lady, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, MP Mehriban Aliyeva to development of the health care system in the country thanks to humanitarian initiatives protection of public health and to improve the quality of medical services and significant progress has been achieved.


Alizade "Information Society Development in Azerbaijan Republic for 2014-2020" National Strategy for the e-health system is one of the main objectives of the formation, expansion of the use of ICT in health care, he said.


President of the Academy of Sciences spoke about scientific research carried out in this regard that one of the priority directions of scientific research in biology and medicine with the new challenges of the world's main targets: "For example, stem cells, molecular biology and medicine, medicine and computer technology, new medical technologies and so on. You can show trends of modern science. " The biomedical informatics, electronic medical studies on the problems of individual research centers, electronic medicine in various clinics and a number of the measures taken to strengthen the hands of scientists has been achieved at the same time, research in this direction, there is a number of organizational and methodological problems he said.


Deputy Minister of Health of the country and the measures taken in connection with the formation of e-medicine achievements mentioned. He said that the direction "for the development of information society in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2014-2020," National Strategy being implemented as part of the complex.


Deputy Minister in 2007, the "electronic health card" system by providing detailed information about the more than 600 medical institutions currently use this system has been reported. So far, 1 million babies have been provided with an electronic health card, which marks the speaker as well as birth certificates, driving licenses, medical certificates and other relevant documents available online, he said.


E. Agayev noted that more than 20 public hospitals, clinics Azerbaijani Medical University joined a unified information system. Other medical facilities in order to increase efficiency in the future it is planned to connect to this system. He was an integral part of e-medicine, e noting that the tasks related to the development of this sector and noted the steps taken to resolve them.


The chairman of the Health Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, academician-secretary of the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences, academician Amiraslanov spoke of the care provided in the health and development of medical science. Pointing to the successful reforms carried out in recent years, the health system's academic, President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva, thanks to the attention and support of new health facilities have been built in all regions, with the latest innovations in medical science, technological innovation and modern treatment methods applied successfully in clinics and health centers has been effective work has been done to increase the level of professionalism of the doctors said. Scientific institutions of the Ministry of Health, including the National Center of Oncology at the Nuclear Medicine Center, said that the latest technologies are applied.


Secretary of Department of Biological and Medical Sciences Academy, spoke about the history of the development of biomedicine, from the 70s of the last century under the leadership of academician Jalal Aliyev's initiative and stressed bioinformatics school was founded. The development of e-science, academic institutions renewed priorities, the supercomputer technology that promises great opportunities A.Amiraslanov gerontology, stressed the importance of research in the field of stem cells. NASA scientist at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology studies that meet the requirements of the important steps in the world of science is reported.


Academic and scientific personnel training in the field of biomedicine, said that the biggest problems. According to him, in the field of biomedical research in computer science and mathematics to attract young professionals, while opting for foreign education, giving priority to these areas to solve the problem of critical importance. The speaker on the higher education institutions in the field of biomedical knowledge in the field of education with the need for high technology, he said.


Referring to the issue of strengthening cooperation with foreign scientific centers A.Amiraslanov US, South Korea, England and others. use the experience of advanced countries of the world, underlined the importance of building lasting relationships.


Azerbaijan Medical University, Professor Garay Geraybeyli "Medical education in computer technology" to deliver a report on "Azerbaijan's National Strategy for the Development of Information and Communication Technology 's (2003-2012-years) towards the adoption of ICT in the country as an important step. He said that the development of the human factor in the citizens' quality education, creation of favorable conditions in order to receive medical care and social security, the country's economic, social and intellectual potential to strengthen the information and knowledge-based, competitive economy, the establishment and development of information and knowledge market , the international information integration of the main tasks of the National Strategy.


The application of information technology a priority, saying that medical science and medical practice GGəraybəyli e-medicine, with the formation of the Azerbaijan Medical University, spoke about the challenges. In recent years, the reforms in the university and the wider use of e-medicine and created the conditions for a very basic elements, he said. The university's innovative technologies used in the new hospitals with modern medical equipment, maintenance and management of data used for the clinics gave detailed information about the programs.


ANAS, academic secretary of the Institute of Information Technologies, academician R.Aliguliyev "e-medicine solution to the problems and prospects of the formation of the actual scientific-theoretical conference on" speech. Academic e-medicine, e-government, noting that part of the multidisciplinary nature of the problems noted in this area. E-medicine, technological, economic, demographic, psychological, legal, ethical, and so on. the need to pay special attention to the aspects, he said. He is on the Tunis World Summit on the Information Society, "Azerbaijan 2020: vision to future" concept, "on the development of information society in the Republic of Azerbaijan National Strategy for 2014-2020", the World Health Organization documents, e-medicine, e-health given special attention to the problems of multi-aspect conveyed.


Director of the Institute's scientific research institution in the field of e-medicine studies, spoke about the formation of e-medicine studies to analyze the situation of the world's leading research centers, scientific-theoretical and practical problems have been identified. The scientist in molecular biology and medicine, molecular diagnostics, medical genetics and gene therapy research of problems, such as e-medicine technologies need to explore opportunities of Big Data and Data Mining said.


He is also to ensure the rapid development of e-medicine specialist in computer science and scientific staff training in this area, updating the content of the textbooks and teaching aids, medical personnel and continuous measures to increase awareness of the importance of ICT, he said.


"The formation and development of e-medicine development and implementation of the state program is needed. Our country has great intellectual potential for the investigation of the above-mentioned problems ", - the speaker of the country's leading scientists and experts in relevant fields, and called for cooperation with scientific institutions.


The event was also an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Love Hajiyev "electronic systems", Control Systems of ANAS Institute Academician Telman Aliyev "medical informatics formation and prospects of the Republic of Azerbaijan", the Republican chairman of the Scientific Council of the Research Coordination Council for Medical Sciences, corresponding member of ANAS Nuru Bayramov "information technology in medicine and the problems to be solved" at the conference. E-medicine, scientific-theoretical and practical problems were mentioned, the importance of the conference in terms of the creation of new opportunities for the resolution said.


The conference continued at the Institute of Information Technologies of the three parallel sections. "ICT scientific issues in medicine", "ICT practical problems in medicine" and "medical problems of ICT" sections on the formation of the conceptual foundations of e-medicine, technology, security, legal, security, terminological issues, socio-economic aspects and so on. 75 subjects were presented with a report.

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