Creation of e-libraries with multimedia gallery is the most important requirement of the day 2016-04-13 15:37:36 / CONFERENCES


Creation, systematization, preservation and network mode remote usage of electronic information carriers guarding different types of documents with various contents are of great importance in the twenty-first century. These play a fundamental role in the complex creation of electronic libraries and the organization of information security, stated the head of Multimedia Resource sector at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Kamala Hashimovaduring her speech on "Multimedia Gallery as a part of e-libraries."


e-Libraries is the result of computerizing information services. It is not just alternative institutions to traditional libraries, but the type of service. In other words, scientific literature defines the concept of "e-library" as synonymous with "virtual library", "digital library", "network library", and "hybrid library".


Multimedia Gallery tools, electronic books and newspapers, new technologies introduced to education, video conferences, graphic design tools, ultimate audio, videomail and others improved and gave an impetus to the development of new products and services. At present, Multimedia Gallery tools are widely used in public libraries. Links to Multimedia Gallery resources are provided by librarians with the use of multimedia technologies. The usage of media resources enhances the efficiency of e-libraries. In this regard, a librarian is required professionalism. He/she must master computer skills, as well as multimedia technologies skills.

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