Global Internet traffic almost reached zettabyte 2016-02-15 11:48:04 / CONFERENCES

It promises to be symbolic of the whole of the Internet, since, according to Cisco forecasts, it is for him the greatest volume will be generated global traffic World Wide web in its history -. one zettabyte, which corresponds to 1,024 exabytes, or almost one billion terabytes


The company also noted that the next psychological milestone of 2 Zbytes will overcome already in 2019, when the number of devices connected to the network will be three times greater than the Earth’s population and per capita consumption of the Internet to reach 18 gigabytes per person versus 6 GB in 2014. The rapid increase in the volume of information transmitted experts associated with the rapid growth of mobile popularity.


This leads to the fact that in 2019 personal computers will generate less than half of the overall data flow, although still in 2014 they accounted for 60%. At the same swap and priorities with respect to the connection type: Wi-Fi and other wireless networks will skip 66% of traffic while the percentage of wired Internet access for this indicator will be reduced to 33%.

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