"How to prepare the presentation?" 2016-01-19 09:13:40 / CONFERENCES

An effective presentation is a skill gained from trainings and experiences. It is important to pay attention to some issues when preparing a presentation on any topic, said the head of department of the Institute of Information Technology, PhD Vugar Musayev at scientific seminar.


According to Mr.Musayev, the topic of the presentation and the main points of emphasis should be determined briefly, clearly and completely. The text of unnecessary words for the audience is not advisable.


The presentation is visualized with MS Power Point, Prezi and other similar programs. The single style and color is preferred when preparing the presentation. The font and size of text is important to be readably, he mentioned.


Visual elements as pictures, graphics, and animation and so on may only be used to explain the matter, or to reinforce meaning, and should be as simple and understandable as possible. Additional visual elements may distract the attention of the listener.

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