A group of employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Information Technology Institute of Information Transmission Problems 2015-12-07 12:04:01 / CONFERENCES

PhD, head of the Institute of Information Technologies of Remembrance Yadigar Imamverdiyev, Mamed Rashidov, sector director, senior researcher Mamed Hashimov and engineering Tural Mustafayev on behalf of the Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of A.A.Xarkevich Distributed scientific calculations were sent to the Centre. The research center, and have reviewed the scientific and practical work.


The head of the center, fred, professor AP The research center's laboratories Afanasyev and detailed reports on the activities of Data-center. Distributed Calculations Center solved with the help of a series of application software products and has been featured presentations about the issues.


Calculations by the Institute of Information Technology Center AzScienceNet distributed across the center of the scientific co-operation in recent years and exchanged views on further expansion.

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