Academic R.Aliguliyev: "Social networks in any country's history, language and culture has the power to create a hazard" 2015-12-07 11:37:22 / CONFERENCES

The idea of ​​ANAS, academician-secretary of the Institute of Information Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences, academician Rasim Aliguliyev November 30 - International scientific workshop dedicated to Information Security said.


The main mission of ensuring freedom of expression and the free communication of the scientist in the social media people, the positive sides of the society, but also commented on the negative manifestations. Today, social networks, especially in the exchange of information, the establishment of friendly relations, active communication and so on. opportunities, as well as any country's history, language and culture, with the capacity to create danger, he said. According to him, to damage the image of any country in the modern era of social networks, to falsify history, national and moral values ​​of the master, as well as cultural and historical memory of the people in order to destroy a powerful propaganda tool.


Director of the Institute of scientific and technical progress at a time when the scope of professional social networks to ensure national interests in virtual space, also touched on the fact that the intellectual creation of teams of people. He said that in such cases the feasibility of the analysis of social networks.


Today, Azerbaijan's history and culture, referring to the fact that the scientists conducting an information war to the international community of the importance of using a wide range of opportunities for the delivery of advanced information technologies, he said. People, society and the protection of the interests of the state, said that the main factors in ensuring information security.

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