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November 30 Institute of Information Technology - International seminar dedicated to Information Security. For the first time on this day in 1988, the institute has become a tradition of the measures broadly. Teaching experience in the world of information security event, social networks, security, AzScienceCERT's current activities and future development plans, cell phones, and heard reports on a wide range of information security were discussed.


Academician-Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences, director of the institute, academician Rasim Aliguliyev more than 27 years, the world-wide celebration of the importance of the International Information Security Day said. Information security is one of the main components of national security issues, as each state has a strategic role. The legal framework for the development of information security in a number of important documents were adopted, he said. "E-government" infrastructure development, to ensure that a stable and secure implementation of state programs, he said. President Ilham Aliyev's decree dated April 2, 2014, "approved by the development of information society in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2014-2020" National Strategy reflected in the wide range of information security issues, he said.


The event, which is a significant event in the cultural life of the republic's 70th anniversary of the General Assembly devoted to the scientific priorities put forward by President Ilham Aliyev, was also the tasks set by the scientists. Director of the institute for the humanities and social sciences, as well as targets set in the technical area, he said, the development of space science, said that scientists need special investigations.


The scientist in the field of information security by the Institute of Information Technologies of the legislative, regulatory and scientific support given to the work being done to strengthen the legal framework, the solution of various problems related to information security and investigations were conducted scientific seminars on a regular basis. "In the over 20 years conducted research in this area. The scientific and theoretical grounds of information security problems, new methods and algorithms are developed, studied and experience the world of work in this area "- the academic and scientific works of important scientific results obtained, in prestigious journals, books and monographs, he reflected. He noted that scientific and practical support to the formation of a national information security, to develop a theoretical basis, as well as to contribute to world science is one of the main objectives of the institute.


Director of the Institute of the information protection methods and systems, information security professionals on the preparation of highly qualified scientific personnel and the work carried out at the institute said. The institute training young scientists and specialists, exchange of experience and spoke about the measures taken in connection with participation in training: "Young scientists and experts for this purpose, Korea, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic are sent to countries such as. These measures serve to get more in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. AzScienceNet from the National Academy of Sciences of practice is applied, it is important in terms of management and use network resources more efficiently. " The scientist in this field is being prepared at the institute, said dozens of doctors and PhD.


The head of the department, PhD Imamverdiyev Remembrance "in the world of education in the field of information security experience" made a presentation on the topic. Y.Imamverdiyev spoke about the importance of quality education in the field of information security in the world, gave information about the measures taken in this direction. He is a professional training courses for the training of specialists, participated in training sessions on cyber security, work is underway to raise awareness of information security, have been held in various contests. To begin a feasibility study of preschool education institutions, he said.


Y.Imamverdiyev Great Britain and Russia in the field of information security experience, spoke about the existing system of higher education. Computers and computer networks, information technology, security, computer incidents, investigation, information systems, legislation, said they have had training on information security management. Information about the safety professions.


Speaking at the seminar, senior research fellow of the institute, PhD arrow "Social networks and security issues," the report said. More than 200 existing social network in the world said that the interaction and communication between people RSıxəliyev these networks are great opportunities, but at the same time privacy and security of users of social networks to create new problems, he said. "Social networks leads to new security risks. These risks and spam to spread malware, social engineering and social networking accounts carried out the attacks, theft of personal data, tracking, fraud and others. As threats are connected. "


"Today, social networks around the world, there are more than 2 billion active user accounts and $ 1.6 billion of which is to be used with mobile devices. The number of network users, 28% of the world's population, 72% of Internet users is part of "- report that the possible dangers of social networks and their protection measures and methods of carrying out the analysis of the most urgent issues, he said. This type of analysis could help people to use secure networks said. Threats of social networks, the most popular malware, gave detailed information about personal protection measures.


The event "AzScienceCERT's current activities and prospects of the development of a report on" sector chief, said Babak Nabiyev. He said that CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team - Computer incidents response team) as a global information security organizations to combat threats, and to detect and prevent a timely manner. Providing information on the activities of the academy AzScienceCERT B.Nabiyev its network - the information security incidents response team toured stressed. He noted that the main purpose of AzScienceCERT AzScienceNet is to ensure that the information security risk management. It also AzScienceCERT expanding international cooperation in international organizations and important measures were taken in connection with the membership.


Scientific seminar also heard a report on information security, as well as mobile phones. Glass, a research fellow of the Institute Karimova mobile technology, mobile communication standards, mobile phones malicious programs, information on approaches to risk assessment. S.Karimov harmful viruses that are specific to operating systems in the world talking about. He said, "Kaspersky Security Bulletin," according to the report, an average of 6300 new mobile malware samples every month is set: "The Android operating system, more than 35,000 types of malicious software."


In the end, the country's information space of academic R.Aliguliyev dealing with security issues, culture, raising awareness of information security, leading scientists and experts in the field of scientific support and congratulated on their professional holiday.

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