Information is underway on developing a culture 2015-11-30 13:56:59 / CONFERENCES

The annual meeting of the Institute of Information Technology Training Innovation Centre (TIC) report for the year 2015 was heard. Sabir, who served as the head of Sabira Allahverdiyeva research about the work carried out this year, the center said. He is on the development of methods and algorithms for the evaluation of a person's information culture, the continuation of scientific research, he said. That said, the problems of education informatization science teaching in secondary schools through intellectual games and conducted research on the safety of children on the Internet.


Teaching the history and consequences of computer science doctoral students and doctoral examinations in one of the main activities of the center, noting that the work done in this direction, talked about this year. Lived in Nakhchivan and Ganja in the implementation of the distant education doctoral students. At the same time, businesses and organizations, and ordinary citizens in various areas of IT for innovative courses, spoke about the work done.


The speaker spoke about the activities of the center, said scientific innovation and practical, as every year, this year the final stage of the Olympiad in Informatics among high school students and middle school students in the organization of the organizational work was carried out in the eighth Olympiad in Informatics.


He spoke about the work done in various scientific publications this year, "Science 555 testing" the publication noted.


History and consequences of the results of the research have been published in prestigious scientific journals, national and international scientific conferences attended by employees, he said.


Then we discussed the report, made suggestions and recommendations.

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