The development of effective mechanisms for the formation and management of e-government is a key component of building the information society 2015-11-19 10:49:25 / CONFERENCES

Institute of Information Technology research works carried out during the current year, the annual scientific sessions are innovative activities and other issues.


The next meeting of the Institute's director Rasim Mahmudov information technology sector and scientific research on the formation of information society and the development of effective methods of giving information about the work done. The speaker spoke about the studies carried out on the building of e-government, e-government mechanisms for the formation and development of effective management is a key ingredient in building the information society. Problems of War Information Technology, Internet regulation, the formation of information and knowledge economy, information security, Internetsunaslıgın solve the problems of different aspects of the formation of a national key research on the development of the system was carried out Internetskopiya.


Head of the department of scientific and innovative activities during the year spoke about the work done in the field. He said that the Science Development Fund under the President of the grant-funded project, implemented 2. "E-government organization and management of development processes, development of mechanisms", "Internet technologies in the information war against Azerbaijan in the development of analysis and proposals to solve the problem" of grant projects have been implemented. In addition, the Wiki-center project is being implemented. Institutions and organizations within the project of NASA employees, "the theoretical and practical bases of Wikipedia Encyclopedia" course is taught. Course graduates are certified and their knowledge of the wiki-projects are monitored regularly.


Department officials also said that R.Mahmudov scientometric indicators. Articles published in journals with impact factor over the years, the number of citations of articles, h-index, i10-index indicators, international databases (Scopus, DBLP etc.) of articles published in journals indeksləsən said.


The speaker, as well as the department of scientific and educational, scientific and organizational activities, the Institute's activities in the media and advertising-marketing activities to promote international scientific cooperation, scientific and technical conferences, seminars and symposiums, various pamphlets and books published account of the work done in the field said.


After discussions, the decision of the Scientific Council of the department, was considered satisfactory.

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