"Bibliometry: state, problems and prospects of development" was published the information express 2015-11-03 10:29:15 / CONFERENCES

ANAS Institute of Information Technology "Bibliometry: current status, problems and prospects of development" has been published in the Express-News. The authors of the new edition of ANAS, academician-secretary of the Institute of Information Technology, the academic sector R.Aliguliyev and head of the institute, PhD Nigar Ismailova, head of the scientific editor of the institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev.


"Information Technologies" publishing house bibliometry express the formation of information, the nature of the scientific and theoretical basis, examined the problems and prospects of development. Scientific research, measurement techniques, existing indicators, science and technology are described xəritələndirilməsi. Bibliometry prospects in various fields of application, bibliometrik indicators of scientific ethics violations as a result of abuse and ways to prevent it are explained.

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