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The transition to a knowledge-based economy in terms of efficiency and competitiveness of the organization to provide increased attention to the human factor. Therefore, in the recent success of the organization attaches great importance to its staff. This change in the concept of governance and its standing in the center of the human factor causes stand out. The main resource is the concept of human agency, and she, unlike other resources, according to their knowledge and skills to shape and direct the issues facing the organization, which is regarded as intellectual capital. This intellectual capital is more correct and transparent management approach is required. Therefore, human resource management, which form the basis of human resource policy (IRIO) issues the planning staff for a more objective decision, selection, recruitment, onboarding, dismissal, motivation, development and so on. Special attention is being paid.


The workers who decide issues that characterize the information about it is to consider the opinions and views. One of the most important factors in this case on the basis of the assessment of his competence. The majority of the volume of information, complex and contradictory nature of the quantity and quality of the decision-making process within the framework of solving the problems created by intelligent technologies, decision support systems for IRIO, topical issues relevant to the development of models and methods.


The next seminar of the Institute of Information Technology in decision support systems for IRIO the discussion was devoted to research and new approaches.


Reporter PhD, associate professor IRIO issues that require her to support specific aspects of intellectual Z.Jabrayilova spoke, said that the issue of evaluation in the fuzzy environment. The department conducted research in this area and the proposed methods of decision-making that led to the reporter, said that the main objective of the research methods in the processing of more adequate decision-making process. According to him, issues such as alternatives (eg, alternative means, is intended for candidates who wish to be employed etc.) knowledge and skills, personal qualities and psychological state in recent years as an approach for the evaluation of qualitative characteristics, as well as a broad approach testoloji is used.


Z.Jabrailova international studies, referring to a series of psychometric tests used in addressing the issue of recruitment and informed about, talked about the importance of their application. That being said, for those who want to be employed, significantly increasing the efficiency of psychometric evaluation of their choice, as well as play an important role in the process of development workers as employees. He proposed methods to explore the possibility to use part of the psychometric tests, said. Also, the department developed an intelligent decision support system for IRIO psixohəndəsi algorithm was presented to solve the issue of recruitment and use of tests.


Then the reporter and answered questions from participants.

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