Scientific technology parks play an important role in the development of innovative economy 2015-10-29 16:59:11 / CONFERENCES

"In modern times, the innovative technology parks are considered the main driving force of the economy. Industrial parks play an important role in the formation of new areas of the economy. " The director of the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS, academician-secretary Rasim Aliguliyev coming from the academic and scientific seminar was chaired by a senior fellow of the Institute Shahverdiyeva Rosa said. "Characteristics of the formation and development of industrial parks," which presented a report on the performance R.Sahverdiyava research into a commercial product and market concentration of high-tech industrial parks, which deals with the removal of land, he said.


R.Sahverdiyeva based on the generalization that the industrial parks - product innovation and development of high technology or research and development in order to improve the results of industry, service and other areas necessary for the implementation of infrastructure, material and technical resources, territory and governance structures The specialized institution.


He said that the creation of technology parks and high-tech innovation, based on the expansion of scientific and technological achievements, innovative companies in the form of new jobs for highly skilled professionals, educational institutions, research institutes and industry to improve the interaction between the service.


Reporter noted that the areas of specialization of industrial parks in the areas of ICT and telecommunications, biotechnology, environment and ecology, electronics, software engineering, computer science and equipment, business and industrial services, mikrokomputer and covers spheres such as nanotechnology, he said.


It's also a functional types of industrial parks, organizational structure, ownership forms, gave detailed information about the formation characteristics and development stages, industrial parks incentive mechanisms, legal aspects, said the formation and development stages.


Scientific Organization of the work on the creation of technology parks and science parks RSahverdiyeva Speaking about the number of international experience, and distribution of advanced countries, and innovative international economic organizations, including Russia, China, Spain and Turkey said texnoparklarının their specialized areas. Under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan "High-Tech Park", "Sumgait Technology Park", "Sumgait chemical industrial park", "University Technology Park", Khazar University, "Industry-oriented industrial park" and spoke about the activities of other industrial parks.


After detailed discussions on the report. The further development of the research work were a number of suggestions and recommendations.

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