Developed a computer program to calculate the number of protesters 2015-10-23 17:25:44 / CONFERENCES

Various demonstrations, protests developed a computer program to calculate the number of people who attended. University of Central Florida in the United States have developed the software.


As a rule, demonstrations, rallies, the number of those who participated in the eye, visual count of people per unit area is determined by the method are approximate. It is calculated by averaging the results.


American experts, the study prepared by the software automatically creates an opportunity for prompt and proper implementation. According to the website, the new software in action above, and photos taken from a height (aerial photos) by analyzing the number of people gathered in a few weeks, not to determine within 30 minutes.


Mubarak Shah, a professor of computer science at the University of Central Florida, said that automated computer analysis of the number of people in the mass gathering so far been carried out of nowhere. Mubarak Shah's view, the program is not counting the number of people in the rallies and demonstrations in the open air, the other can be used at public events. The professor said that the program to save time in emergency situations can help a person's life.

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