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Scientific seminar was held at the Institute of Information Technology. Gulnara Nabibayova chief department of the event, "A comparative analysis of web statistics tools" that was dedicated to the topic.


Junior research fellow of the Institute, who presented the report to conduct statistics on the performance of web sites Seadet Aghayeva important issues in terms of improvement, he said. S.Agayeva 1995, was recorded in August, said that so far the world 892743625. The reporter said that the sheer number of sites in terms of the competitive situation requires prompt evaluation and decision-making. According to him, increasing the functionality of the web-site statistics, assessment of the effectiveness of advertising companies, the structure, content and navigation and other aspects of the problems in the development of detection is very important.


S.Agayeva said that the conditions for the establishment of a proper marketing strategy, web-sites statistics. Statistics conducted the study on the internet, influence and audience, competitor sites and users superior features of geography, users who visit the site, including the determination of the activity of the service, he said. He noted that the need to improve the performance of web-statistics data for the calculation of the overall exercise.


Reporter web-site marketing strategy, the role of statistics in shaping the website, said on its website statistics tools, has introduced the world's highest appeal rating of the news sites.


Web statistics log-meters and analyzers that are being carried out through the speaker "Google Analytics", "Яндекс.Метрика", "Liveinternet as" spoke about the advantages of statistical data service offering. It is also the site of www.ict.az "Google Analytics" statistics based on the information contained in the accounts demonstrated visually.


S.Agayeva statistics available at the website of the problems that the site of some of the statistics service by registering on the site statistical data is transmitted to the whole world. The rapporteur stressed the importance of paying attention to the issue of the security of the country.


Then he answered the questions, suggestions and recommendations were made.

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