Events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of NASA is preparing 2015-09-21 09:39:30 / CONFERENCES

Institute of Information Technology (IIT), the Scientific Council of the Action Plan on e-science development was a report on the fulfillment of the tasks. Chief Engineer, Rashid Alakbarov PhD ANAS institutes and organizations within the framework of the Action Plan, as well as other scientific institutions of the republic informed about the work done to improve the efficiency of operations.


R.Alakbarov the technical support of NASA, AzScienceNet Data Center operation, and improvement of the quality of work is underway to strengthen the material-technical base. The Academy, which is a huge demand for computing power and memory resources of cloud services over the Internet for scientific research.


The chief engineer said that the various information systems for the academic, scientific and practical problems of formation of e-science, is among the measures taken to develop the domestic and international integration.


Note that the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, dated June 24, 2015, approved by the resolution of the issues on the implementation of the Action Plan "e-science" Monitoring the information system, electronic analysis of the conduct of science indicators, monitoring and evaluation of the results of the development of the proposals, such as measures held. ANAS Nakhchivan and Ganja, as well as distance education centers established divisions.


The speaker at events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of NASA, said about the work. "NASA-70" documentary filming and organizational continuation of studies, books and other printed materials for the preparation of the same name, said. Design work, exhibitions and technical issues relating to security have been entrusted to the ITU said.


He said that the exhibition on the activities of the Institute for the Azerbaijani, Russian and English brochures, including a video of the employees of scientific works published in impact factor journals published articles and other materials are collected.


Then we exchanged views, suggestions and recommendations were made.

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