Smart cover for the remote management of smart phones has been introduced 2015-08-17 09:42:50 / CONFERENCES

Max Planck Institute in Germany, a group of researchers have built-in pressure sensors developed e-coating. This implied by sticking it into the hands of the management of smartphones or other devices are used for distance learning. Silicon and smart cover, which consists of medical glue can easily pull out.


"ISkin" of some of the functions of the device, including the writing of the text message qadjet allows you to manage. Wired communications system in the future to cover the creators plan to add wireless communication modules.


"The portable electronics, according to the body, which is difficult to transport solid devices were presented. It functions as the gadgets are pretty limited. Our prepared coating, flexible and resistant, you can paste it on the opposite side of the wrist or ear, "- the" iSkin "one of the Veyqel Martin said.


"ISkin" from the smart or intelligent clothing, including jewelry and can be used in many spheres.

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