The 3D printer to print a variety of products made from copper 2015-08-12 16:50:26 / CONFERENCES

Copper is used in the metal-intensive industries. Construction, mechanical engineering, electronics, vehicles and are used in the manufacture of household items. Copper refining conventional methods requires time and money.


Researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University of copper production more efficient, simple and accessible method of working. Christopher Williams, associate professor of mechanical engineering faculty of the university and his group developed a 3D printer that prints copper.


"It is known that metal is not new three-dimensional printing. We have developed a totally unique 3D printer. Copper is extremely difficult to work with. But we're using the contact method of scattering material. In this case, the title of the printed adhesive layer of copper oxide in place and the process is repeated. Then place this product in the oven, dust particles and their bissin Eris. In this way it is possible to produce copper products in the most complex form, "- he said Williams.


This method seems to be quite promising, but there are some issues to be resolved. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the smelting of copper particles in the oven and then a small air space between them remains. As a result, the details of the products produced by traditional methods such as machining or grinding are more fragile. Experts are filling in the gaps between the dust particles and is working to improve the density of the product.


Deficiencies are eliminated, scientists will be accessible to the public within 5 years of the invention will be applied in all areas.

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