Small implant allows you to watch in real time the progress of cancer treatment 2015-08-11 08:59:22 / CONFERENCES

Cancer is a dynamic disease, but doctors earlier stages of the disease, such as watching on static images. "Tictac" implanted in the size of the new sensor will change this situation.


The sensor developed by specialists of the Institute of Technology at the University of Massachusetts physicians before using the usual tools to detect changes in tumor size allows critical.


"We can not give information about the changes that occur in cancer sisində goal we have set up the device. Now there is no need to wait for months to see kicilməsini cancer. The treatment is carried out in the right direction in order to obtain primary data through a sensor is enough ", - the senior author of the study, said Michael Cima.


So far, the device has been tested only on rats. The radiation on the human body, such as the introduction of additional studies should be conducted to find out how much is safe.

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