China, the villa is built over 3 hours 2015-07-29 09:43:20 / CONFERENCES

In July, China's “ZhuoDa group” within only a few hours in the company of the modular building technology has demonstrated.


3 hours "International Exhibition Center Plaza," a two-storey villa in the center of the exhibition, a similar home built in the city of Xi'an.


According to the, building water pipes, plumbing installations and domestic developments are built in the company. After being held up in part by the construction of the house is ready. The walls are used for printing confidential material.


This is more appropriate than others, such as the closing price of the houses because the transport, construction materials and equipment do not need to pay. Home 9-magnitude earthquake, moisture and fire resistant.


Currently, 40 producers have signed an agreement on the new material and has 22 patents.

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