Computer services research to improve the quality of corporate environment 2015-07-21 09:58:18 / CONFERENCES

Head of the department №11 Institute of Information Technology Shakir Mehdiyev Department official presented a report on the first half of this year, the research activities carried out as part of the spoke. He said that the computers in a corporate environment to the development of methods and algorithms to improve the quality of investigation is underway.


An analysis of the work carried out and said that.


He noted that the meeting of the technical support of the National Academy of Sciences of the Department of computer network infrastructure and distance education center section, and so on. The work done in one year.


S.Mehdiyev, as well as scientific and educational activities, scientific conferences and symposiums, international cooperation, the development of different types of books and electronic publications, promotion of scientific and practical results in the media, seminars and other work-related measures undertaken sobədaxili noted.


The report discussed and answered questions.

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