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ANAS Institute of Information Technology head of department, PhD semi-annual report was presented by the Department of 6 Bikes Aghayev. He spoke about the scientific research department of the audio information technology issues and scientific and socio-economic problems of electronic waste in the investigation is underway.


B.Aghayev the e-government environment, G2G, G2B, G2C transaction processing methods and algorithms of speech on the models and the concept of e-waste management, which reflects the results of studies conducted in connection with the development and preparation of an article to be published in prestigious international journals said.


B.Aghayev also noted that the study of electronic waste, scientific and socio-economic problems of the country and the European Union on various aspects of the problems of e-waste management solution on the materials collected and are being analyzed.


That being said, the department of scientific and innovative activities within the framework adopted by SOCAR Science Foundation, "SOCAR's oil and gas wells, intelligent information system for forecasting the development of the operational zones of anomalous pressure" and "e-waste management concept in the development of SOCAR on" grant projects Important work has been done.


The speaker, as well as scientific and educational activities, taking part in national and international events, a well-known scientific journals, scientific and organizational activities, the Institute's activities in the media and advertising-marketing cases of promoters said that the measures implemented.


Finally, suggestions and recommendations were a number of questions answered.

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