Institute of Information Technology Department of the No. 15 made a report for the first half of 2015 2015-07-15 10:06:30 / CONFERENCES

Institute of Information Technology Department of the No. 15 made a report for the first half of 2015. Presenting the report of the head of department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Masuma Mammadova research, scientific innovation, research and educational activities, domestic and international conferences and symposiums, a well-known scientific journals, the media in the promotion of scientific and practical results international scientific cooperation, scientific and organizational activity and so on. spoke about the work done.


M.Mammadova labor market supply and demand of IT professionals in the management of intellectual fuzzy modeling of IT professionals in an atmosphere of uncertainty in the market based on supply and demand model is an approximation based on intelligent technologies and methods of research in this direction are already being worked out, said yekunlasdırıldıgını. The speaker of the research department and the work carried out as part of the PhD thesis Faik Mamedzadeh defense will be presented by the end of this year, he noted.


The scientist, as well as the acquisition of knowledge about the benefits of the new training techniques and methods of model development concept in Azerbaijan and stressed the importance of the university in this direction as part of the department's PhD thesis Hussein Gasimov informed about the status of the investigations.


M.Mammadova the decision-making in the management of human resources and intellectual support for the development of the scientific and methodological basis of scientific priorities of the department. In this regard, a senior research fellow at the department, PhD, associate professor Dzhabrailov her doctoral thesis carried out in the framework of the research results have been published in prestigious international journals and conferences was discussed.


According to the speaker, the formation of the theoretical basis of scientific concept of development of e-medicine is an important requirement of the day. This year, the department began an investigation in accordance with the formation of e-medicine and related scientific and theoretical basis of the concept of scientific development of a number of trends identified in the context of e-medicine. The results are reflected in conferences and journals.


M.Mammadova year of scientific results from the research and innovation work of prestigious international and national conferences and 7 were discussed at the symposium, said that 10 had been published in a reputable journal.

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