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On July 7, as well as the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan State University Knowledge Foundation "E-Nakhchivan-10: The role of information and communication technologies in improving the educational process," an international conference. President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh offer access to the conference.


Today, this ancient and beautiful land of Nakhchivan "E-Nakhchivan" gathered 10 of the conference. It is also a commemorative event. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate all of you!


"Electronic Azerbaijan", which is part of the "E-Nakhchivan" dignity has been developing for over 10 years. As part of this project and for the development of information society in the republic carried out important work, has made great strides. All the economic and social spheres, high-quality ICT infrastructure, broadband Internet access is provided.


According to official statistics, the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, and information and communication technology infrastructure in terms of the intellectual potential of the country has one of the highest among the regions. This fact once again confirms what I say.


"E-Nakhchivan" conferences are always held in the framework for the development of the information society, the scientific and practical issues of importance were discussed and important decisions were taken.


The main scientific and educational center of the region of Nakhchivan State University, which is the highest level of application of ICT in higher education has become an example of "E-Nakhchivan" played an important role in the development of.


The development of the ICT sector in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, the rapid socio-economic development in the region, including education, health and other social services contributed to the improvement of quality.


It is "E-Nakhchivan" in blockade at the expense of progress made within the framework of well-known reasons, nothing to do with the cut in the main part of the autonomous republic was created to allow for the emergence of a global virtual space.


Of course, all these achievements, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Deputy, Mr. Vasif Talibov has great services. I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for all these Vasif teacher.


"E-Nakhchivan" conferences and other projects within the framework of the implementation of the National Academy of Sciences, in particular, scientific, technical and organizational support to the membership of the Institute of Information Technology. We have our assistance in this direction in the future, will lend support, expand cooperation for the development of the region.


As you know, the initial building of the information society - completed the formation stage, were the next development stage. The main task at this stage of building an information society and development in all areas to achieve the formation of virtual relationships.


Given that the blockade of Nakhichevan, then the other part of the region and close relations with the international community to ensure that the main way to develop virtual relationships. In this regard, the work done so far on the work pace is commendable and should be continued in the future.


That determine the country's development priorities for the near future "Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the Future" concept was adopted. The concept is one of the priorities of the development of the information society are reflected. "Information Society Development in Azerbaijan Republic for 2014-2020," National Strategy to implement the state policy in this direction reflects the positions of the main goals and objectives, identifies the main areas of activity.


In accordance with the national strategy, "E-Nakhchivan" on the important tasks of the falls. Including the expansion of ICT infrastructure and services, in every state, science, education, health, business and other institutions, as well as each family, the citizen-speed, high-quality, low-cost and safe provision of the Internet - e-government, e-science, e-learning e-health, e-commerce, e-citizen of the main objectives of development.


Another important issue in the development of the information society to form a competitive knowledge economy. For this, the challenges of the modern world, in accordance with established innovative environment, the integration of science and education should be provided. Nakhchivan should actively participate in the integration process.


Their work on the integration of science and education in this field focuses on international and regional cooperation.


Another important task of Nakhchivan, an ancient and rich history, geography, facts, historical personalities, the material and spiritual wealth is due to the inclusion of information related to the virtual environment. Experts representing various professional fields should contribute to this work.


As you know, in the information war against our country are being expanded. Malevolent neighbors to falsify historical realities, put forward territorial claims against Nakhchivan, trying to go with the material and cultural heritage. Nakhchivan intellectuals should be deployed in such an environment, information warfare troops should be transformed into a virtual environment must be able to protect our national interests adequately.

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