"MasterCard" password instead of "self" has decided to use images 2015-07-08 10:29:19 / CONFERENCES

"MasterCard" have begun to test the new program, online shopping will be approved by scanning the user's face. If the tests are successful, the program will be available for public use.


macdigger.ru According to the website, the latest round of purchases should their photograph with the help of smartphone buyers. "MasterCard" is representative of the company, it is easier to keep to remember passwords. Payment System plans to prevent fraud with the help of innovative instrument.


At present, the "MasterCard" into the password for confirmation of payment to the company, which provides Internet, "SecureCode" uses an online payment security technology.


According to company representatives, this technology has been used last year to 3 billion transaction.


Many financial companies are able to easily capture passwords company "Apple", "iPhone" smart phones, as well as the introduction of biometric technologies to enhance users' convenience and safety standards has begun.

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