Russia will be the first time neyrosəbəkə hakatonu 2015-07-03 09:35:33 / CONFERENCES

Russia is the first in-depth learning and artificial intelligence, "DeepHack" hakaton Moscow Physical-Technical Institute on July 19-24 (MFTI) will be held.


Hakaton (eng. Hackathon) "hack" - hackers and "marathon" - appeared in the words of the marathon. It is not bədniyyətlilərin, literally, professional hackers, namely, software for the creative solution to a problem on any muəxəssislərin contest.


Competition for students, graduate students, young scientists and scientific research on IT professionals and the unique methods used in the production of training will be given instructions for the search. Deep learning concrete action for the creation of strategic planning for the program managed to provide for a better choice of algorithm. For example, "Google's Deep Mind" startapı modern neyrosəbəkələrin strategy games has been the ability of people to make better choices.


According to, hakaton deep learning framework, cancer and the aging of the biocomputer will be lectures, participants will be invited to be held in Switzerland aging bioinformatikası international hakatona.


Mikhail Bursev Neyrokoqnitiv leading specialists systems, noting the importance of the competition, said: "Hakaton researchers to exchange experience in the field of intelligent systems, and more likely to progress in solving the fundamental problems of modern computer science, which allows you to find an original approach."


Advanced Biotechnologies Support Fund and the organizers of the event's innovative educational technology laboratory MFTI.

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