Ripples - the printer to print images of coffee soon 2015-07-02 10:02:03 / CONFERENCES

3D-printer - excellent device. But these devices have enough already entered our lives, and now over the Internet, so the store can order a print device. Arzu managed to print the description and the article kopuyundə cup of coffee and coffee-machine, the more rare and alısmadıgımız mechanism. "Ripples" in this hot drink system, so the mood of the fans will be sad personalized coffee-machine in the world.


The cup is very easy to get a description of what you want: coffee-machine are going to work, join a wireless network printer with a smartphone, open the application, selects the desired image or your own fotosəklimizi official site of the charge, and everything is ready to write the text.


"Ripples" Printer professionals who created Israel. Coffee bubble is printed on the photo for a total of 10 seconds. According to the website, "Ripples" coffee-machine cost about $ 999.

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