Smartpgone equipped with functions such as quick and easy-to-use iris authentication 2015-06-18 12:14:47 / CONFERENCES

Fujitsu announced that ARROWS NX F-04G smartphone will be available from NTT DOCOMO retailers throughout Japan starting Thursday, May 28th.


The ARROWS NX F-04G was developed with the concept of a quick and easy user experience. Most notably, this is the world's first smartphone to be equipped with Iris Passport, iris authentication technology, which allows the screen to be unlocked with a mere 0.6-second glance, and eliminates the need for inputting passwords or patterns. When used with the password manager, websites that require a password can also be automatically accessed by simply looking at the screen, eliminating the worry of forgetting passwords. It also has other features that add to a more enjoyable smartphone experience, including a high-speed autofocus camera that can capture precious scenes without missing a single moment.


In addition, ARROWS NX F-04G offers a collection of cutting-edge technologies, such as high speed downloads and TransferJet, equipped on a smartphone for the first time ever, which enables large volume data transfer by simply holding the device near another terminal.

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