Double the use of biometric passwords to be launched 2015-05-22 09:09:30 / CONFERENCES

The United States' Mountain America Credit Union, "the bank has launched an authentication system for users of smartphones. Bank biological markerə (eg, fingerprint) based biometric refused protection.


The Bank, through their mobile biometric security program decided to double all financial transactions.


Currently, mobile banking account or to access the user's finger to scan the retina of the eye.


"Smartphone built-in fingerprint identification on the internal drive is carried out. "IPhone" and "Samsung" s latest models are no longer so oturuculərə. By scanning the code it into a mathematical fingerprint gear. This code is stored on the mobile device and is used for comparison during each subsequent scan, "- he said the bank's management. According to the website, the eye's retina scanning and recognition, "EyeVerify" is done through software. The program is unique to each person who registers the blood vessels.


Innovations like these raise the security level of online operations, will also facilitate access to mobile banking.

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