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May 19 Dissertation Council was held at the Institute of Information Technology.


The event was opened by the chairman of the council, secretary of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute's director Rasim Alguliev gave information about the agenda of the meeting to the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology Shahnaz Shakhbazova 3338.01 - "System analysis, control and information processing" in "on the basis of fuzzy neural network models and methods for design of distributed knowledge base" was dedicated to the defense of the thesis presented.


First, the scientific secretary of the Dissertation Council, PhD Ramiz Shikhaliyev introduced the council members plaintiff in the case.


Then Sh.Sahbazova "based on fuzzy neural network models and methods for design of distributed knowledge base his thesis on" the urgency of the case by presenting the purpose, determined to reach the goal of issues brought to the attention.


He noted that the aim of the thesis in the absence of a teacher training course and the student's knowledge, allowing you to control the teaching of intelligent creation. According to the plaintiff, substantially reducing the burden of this complex of teachers in educational institutions, improvement of educational materials and training to improve the efficiency of the process.


In this dissertation studies on all aspects of the educational process Sh.Sahbazova who said that the training and knowledge of modern automated control systems in this research is of great importance in establishing the criteria for the determination of the main aims: "the analytical and mathematical modeling of complex, highly intellectual environment in the educational process is effective allowing the creation of intelligent information systems for the functioning of the established models and methods and their application in the educational process through the training, knowledge, control and management of courses and training programs have been implemented. "


The plaintiff based on fuzzy neural network technology provides the knowledge base and the adequacy of the decisions taken in almost any academic material modification of this technology allows it, he said.


Sh.Sahbazova, as well as theoretical and practical results from his dissertation in higher education teaching and testing of intelligent information network system has been applied to complex said.


Later, the candidate answered numerous questions.


Dissertation on the work of the scientific consultants - Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, an honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences Zadeh and Minister of Communications and Information Technologies Ali Abbasov voiced opinions on the thesis.


Thesis and a synopsis of comments received concerning R.Shixaliyev briefed.


Dissertation official opponents - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergei Poqorelıy, Masuma Mammadova and Salahaddin Yusifov speech the importance of the findings of the study noted, stressing that scientific innovation, suggestions and comments were reported.


During the discussions, Fikrat Aliyev, Ali Eroglu, PhD, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Famil Mammadov, Mohammed Ahmed, Naila Musaeva, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Nadir Agayev, economics PhD dissertation work Aliyev made a speech set Əlövsət based research is being carried out to reach the goal, made speeches on the important scientific results.


After listening to the final words of the applicant and Sh.Sahbazovaya secret ballot was held in connection with the issuance of the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, as well as the President has proposed to apply to the Supreme Attestation Commission.

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