"Google" Internet traffic is testing new technology for compressing 4 times 2015-05-06 10:30:08 / CONFERENCES

"Google" in mobile devices has developed an algorithm that increases the speed of Internet traffic times by reducing its load.


2 weeks later, the new technology will be put into test mode in Indonesia for the first time only "Chrome" browser and "Android" operating system will work on devices. According to the company, will increase 4 times the speed of loading web pages, traffic will be 80-percent contraction. "Google" of the domestic trials of the 50 percent increase in traffic has been determined in this way, optimized pages.


It acceleration and optimization of web pages will create new opportunities for publishers and advertisers. Ads placed on the page loading speed of web pages, users of this technology is commercially viable more quickly lead to the "Google", but also beneficial to its partner advertisers. According to the company, the new technology during the "AdSense", then "DoubleClick" will focus on the advertising of services.


There was no information on the date of issue of the use of the technology in other countries.

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