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"Atlas", the first supercomputer was created in the 60s of the last century and installed at the University of Manchester, UK.


The supercomputer computational efficiency of the country's failure could lead to a reduction of 50 percent. At present, the "Atlas" an ordinary laptop supercomputer weak.


The price of supercomputers with a high rating:


"IBM Roadrunner" (USA) - $ 130 million


This aging process, modeled on the computer of the US nuclear arsenal. Cluster power petaflops peak reached in 1456. "Roadrunner" at that time was one of the energy-efficient supercomputers.


"Vulcan BlueGene / Q" (USA) - $ 100 million


"IBM" corporation created by the fundamental research carried out by the supercomputer. Livermore National Laboratory supercomputer installed and biology, climate change, and other molecular systems. It is used in areas such as. About 5 petaflops computer productivity, and takes place on the 9th in the world for this indicator.


"SuperMUC" (Germany) - 111 million dollars


According to the Academy of Sciences of Bavaria, Germany's second supercomputer installed at Leibniz efficiency of the supercomputer center. It takes place in 14th supercomputer in the world, the value of the US supercomputer, which exceeds the previous stage. 3 petaflops productivity high. The system "IBM" corporation founded by engineers. Supercomputer is used for scientific purposes.


"Trinity" (USA) - $ 174 million


"Trinity" supercomputer has not yet been put into operation. The US government has allocated funds for the development of a nuclear arsenal to monitor the condition of a supercomputer.


"Sequoia BlueGene / Q" (USA) - $ 250 million


US nuclear program is monitored regularly and "Sequoia BlueGene / Q" supercomputer, as well as to fulfill this task. He installed Livermore National Laboratory was launched in June of 2012. "Sequoia BlueGene / Q" peak of 20 petaflops supercomputer computational efficiency. Currently occupies third place in the ranking of the most productive supercomputers.


"ASC Purple" and "The BlueGene / L" (USA) - 290 million dollars


The two supercomputer is part of a system. The US Department of Energy in 2002, they are still "IBM" has ordered more. The computational power of supercomputers with the launch of nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons, the real test explosion modeled after the suspension.


"Sierra" and "Summit" (USA) - 325 million dollars


In addition to the high price of supercomputers, is distinguished by the fact that fast. "Summit" as part of a cluster peak productivity will reach 300 petaflops.


"Tianhe-2" (China) - $ 390 million


China's National University of Defense Technology installed "Tyanhe-2" computer productivity 33.86 petaflops, the 55 petaflops peak efficiency. Computers are mainly used for defense purposes.


"Earth Simulator" (Japan) - $ 500 million


Japan's "Earth Simulator" supercomputer was launched in 2002. The main function of a supercomputer to observe the processes of climate, natural disasters and their consequences modeling. "Earth Simulator" supercomputer at the time was the fastest until 2005 maintained its leadership.


Fujitsu K (Japan) - $ 1.2 billion


Japanese "Fujitsu K" 11 petaflops supercomputer productivity. Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Cluster (RIKEN) installed.

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