The next seminar was held at the Institute of Information Technology 2015-04-21 09:09:22 / CONFERENCES

The next seminar was held today at the Institute of Information Technology.


Opening the event, academic secretary, director of the institute, an academic event Aliguliyev 3338.01 - "System analysis, control and information processing" specialty submitted for the degree of PhD thesis was devoted to the discussion.


Ruling post-graduate institute U. "the Customs Information System for managing risks" by presenting his thesis on the urgency of the case, and other issues brought to the attention of the scientific and practical significance.


He said that the aim of the thesis of modern information technology, and software engineering based on mathematical methods in customs risk identification, assessment and management information system for the creation and introduction.


The reporter during customs clearance personnel and technical potential of the proper use of modern information systems to facilitate decision making for the absence of reduction of customs duties in the process of registration, as well as the prevention of smuggling and so on. characterize the relevance of factors such as research, he added.


U.Qurbanlı common mechanism for customs risk management and information system model, including the identification and management of risks to the international importance of methods and algorithms are handled, he said.


Speaking about the importance of practical work contender for customs risk management and risk control software are developed software for the interactive monitoring system, he said.


Scientists and experts answered questions from a reporter.


Participating in the discussion of technical sciences, professor Masuma Mammadov, Ramiz Aliguliyev doctor of technical sciences, engineering PhD Ali Altun, Shafagat Makhmudova, Bikes Altun and others actuality thesis expressed in terms of importance to the field of science.


PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, associate professor Thereafter Aliyev, PhD research work on Remembrance Imamverdiyev sang comments and suggestions.


In the end, it was decided to launch the next phase of the thesis.

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