Smartphones will warn you about the earthquake 2015-04-17 11:12:14 / CONFERENCES

Modern smartphones are built-in sensors detect movement of the user, depending on the position of the device screen turns. A group of researchers based in the United States that earthquake early warning systems smartphone as a useful tool that will save the lives of many people.


According to, smartphones, thanks to built-in accelerometers is possible to predict an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or more.


According to a study, combining data from accelerometers and GPS modules, created in real-time accurate map of seismic activity.


Note that this service is free of charge. Smartphone users smartphone endanger the installation of a special program designed to provide immediate notification is sufficient.


However, in order to realize high-precision analysis to obtain the information needed on the seismically active regions. Many tasks are necessary for this purpose.

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