PCs worldwide infected with virus harvesting banking passwords 2015-04-17 10:36:54 / CONFERENCES

Over 82,000 personal computers in Japan and abroad have been infected with an aggressive online banking Trojan virus called ‘Vawtrak’ responsible for stealing millions of dollars, according to Tokyo police.


About 44,000 of the infected PCs are in Japan, whilst the remaining 38,000 are in Asia, North America and Europe. According to a statement from the Metropolitan Police Agency of Japan, the virus steals private information such as passwords while conducting online banking transactions. The money is then remitted to third-party accounts.


Vawtrak was originally spotted in August 2013, that version stole details from several Windows email clients, the more recent have expanded their capabilities to include a wider range of theft, server software company Trend Micro says. Among these capabilities are stealing banking credentials and credit card information.



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