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On April 10, 2015, Institute of Information Technology "AzScienceNet: current status, opportunities and prospects" scientific-practical seminar.


The aim of the country's scientific and educational institutions in AzScienceNet-computer network infrastructure, services, high computational and memory capabilities, role in the development of e-science, roaming and cloud services, network monitoring and security, the integration of the international scientific environment, as well as on the basis of the information in this network awareness on topical issues such as research opportunities.


Opening the event, academic secretary, director of the Institute of Information Technology, an academic seminar Aliguliyev Presidential Decree dated December 29, 2012, approved the "Azerbaijan 2020: Development Concept", May 4, 2009 approved by the Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan "in 2009-2015 National Strategy for the development of science" and 2 April 2014, approved by Decree of the "Information Society Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan National Strategy for 2014-2020" reported that the tasks arising from the implementation of the service. Thus, knowledge of the concepts and strategies to strengthen the provision of information, the use of ICT in the field of scientific activities and tasks have been identified as a form of e-science. "Information Society Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2014-2020," National Strategy for the implementation of the action plan covering the period of 2014-2017 in the development of computer network AzScienceNet-reflected in the issue.


He is from the concept and execution of the duties of the strategies of Internet services by providing a high level of scientific institutions and organizations that provide integration of world science, research and education networks, computer network of the national operator plays an important role in the AzScienceNet said.


Education Management Information Systems Department of the Ministry of Education Samir Mammadov, head of the Ministry of Education and the National Academy of Sciences on several fronts, including cooperation in the field of ICT development and stressed the importance of such events.


Chief Engineer, PhD Rashid Alekperov "AzScienceNet stages of development, the existing infrastructure and services" in a speech on the basis of the corporate network, computer network AzScienceNet research, and teaching practical implementation issues AMEA broadband Internet services provided by the institutions and organizations, he said. NASA officials toured Wi-Fi, Eduroam, Cloud Computing, Hosting, e-mail, distance education, and so on. He noted merits.


He AzScienceNet at the end of 2011, based on the emerging strategic importance of the institutes and organizations that require large computing and memory resources for solving complex problems created DATA.


R.Alakbarov ICT infrastructure and services, including the development of broadband Internet, fiber-based broadband network infrastructure associated with the development of information society is one of the main targets, and toured in support of their activities in what has been done in this direction, he said.


According to the speaker, AzScienceNet network infrastructure with the support of 95 percent of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies based on fiber-optic cable, the connection speed AzScienceNet enhance the technical capacity of 270 Mbit / s, and so far 4000 has been a computer AzScienceNet connected to the network.


Intitutun head of the department, doctor of technical sciences Ramiz Aliguliyev "AzScienceNet research opportunities on the basis of the information," informed the participants about the report. The speaker spoke about the advantages of the use of the network AzScienceNet evaluation of information culture, social networks, detection, and international relations, interests and activity, identifying opportunities, such as intelligent analysis of log files, he said. According to him, thanks to the vast possibilities of AzScienceNet methods and algorithms developed by experts and scholars examining the adequacy of, and based on experience, it is possible to carry out studies.


"AzScienceNet role in the formation of e-science" in his speech said that the chief department Tahmasib Fataliyev, AzScienceNet-computer network of the emerging e-science network acts as a platform and infrastructure. "So," the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009-2015 due to the implementation of the National Strategy for the development of science in the State Programme "ICT reconstruction and development of scientific activities being carried out" - say, the speaker of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences "with the development and implementation of e-science" research program has been implemented.


Network Administrator Mammadrasul the institute has been created Yagubzada AzScienceNet Eduroam service. He placed it on the network server has the functionality of the national operator in the country on November 11, 2011 TERENA organization operating under the "European Confederation Eduroam" registered organization.


Cloud-computing services are used by network AzScienceNet-speaking margins adminstratorlarından AzScienceNet one network processing and preservation issues Tural Mustafayev computing system that serves the "Cloud Computing" briefed. Institutions and organizations of the country's higher education institutions and other scientific organizations and individual users AzScienceNet-computer network's "Cloud Computing" is the ability to take advantage of the service, he added.


Babak Nəbiyev AzScienceNet sector chief, made a report on the monitoring and security issues AzScienceNet network performance monitoring system to ensure information security, monitoring and safety of the employees in the use of Internet resources to ensure that the hardware-software complex. AzScienceNet information security monitoring system and all the organizations of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of information resources, information systems and networks, which use any form of application programs have been extended to all of the employees said.


Speaking of integration into the international scientific environment AzScienceNet chief department, PhD Vugar Musayev was noted that some work in this direction. He said that the purpose of the Institute of Information Technology, scientific and educational institutions in Europe, which serves all the major electronic infrastructure - has joined the GEANT project.


He AzScienceNet GEANT intends to cooperate with a number of important projects. Currently, 44 to 50 thousand km of network infrastructure in various areas in the country which has the GEANT 43, 10 and 10 min organization serves millions of users.


NASA workshop institutes and organizations, including institutions of higher education took part in the forum.

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