The prospects of cooperation between the Qafqaz University and the Institute of Information Technology was discussed 2015-04-13 11:37:54 / CONFERENCES

Qafqaz University on April 9, a group of university professors and their Ahmet Sanich delegation - Head of the Department of Computer Engineering, Ali Şahintaş PhD, Head of the Department of Information Technology and Systems, PhD Anar Rüstəmov, CEDAWI center, "IEEE Computer Society "and" IEEE Communications Society ", the head of the unit, PhD Abzetdin Adamov Information Technology Institute (ITI) was. The goal is the development of cooperation between scientific and educational institutions, scientific and technological cooperation and innovation projects, new ICT knowledge and organize joint activities aimed at educating young specialists.


First, the guests AzScienceNet computer network, Training Innovation and remote centers, as well as the work done at the Center for Library and Research Center, projects, as well as equipped with modern technologies were introduced to the audience.


After the round table was held with the participation of guests and employees of the institute.


Institute's relevant government agencies, scientific and technical potential of higher education institutions, including the University spoke about the academic secretary of the Academy of Sciences, director of the institute, academic Aliguliyev become increasingly international cooperation in this field, he said.


Innovative development of science and technology, the integration of science and education in the service of each material and technical base of scientific research and development of young people who meet the requirements of the National Academy of Sciences, said that the government at the center of attention. Scientists involved in the scientific and technological innovation processes, noting that a number of state programs for ICT, research, innovation, grants and other projects, he said.


Increased demand for higher skills in a globalized world, the scientist said that the training of personnel and the public universities and research institutions play an important role in integration. Caucasus University, praised the director of the institute of the university's activities in this area not only in Azerbaijan, has become one of the leading universities in the region.


ƏSanıc 2 years after the event professor said he was pleased to be at the institute. ITU said that they are interested in developing sustainable relationships with. Combination of science and education as an important factor in assessing the progress of any society is the president of education at a high level of scientific knowledge and innovative enterprises to gain experience would be a possibility.


The terms of the high points of the Caucasian university students prefer to receive a quality education for their higher education institutions, stressing that talked about the experience in the field of highly qualified personnel training, IT-profile areas of young people prefer the modern era, he said. ƏSanıc university specialists trained in foreign countries working in the field of information technology, he added.


Stressed the importance of participation in various international scientific organizations, programs and projects relating to the grant of the European Union, the scientist stressed the importance of participation in competitions.


Rector of new generations of knowledge, the implementation of innovative projects with high staff training and noted that the main targets.


Eduroam AzScienceNet use the services provided by the event, the acquisition of ISO standards, were also discussed cooperation on library services. Also in the direction of research robots, cloud, big data analysis, the European Union, "Erasmus +" "Horizon2020" programs of cooperation and collaboration between the Institute and the University of Postgraduate Studies and others. suggestions directions. Education and science of international resources, including libraries to work together to discuss the problem of the journal emphasized the importance of promoting access.


It Olympiad in Informatics among high school students, middle school students and high school students Olympiad in Informatics, including the "Information and communication technologies" International Conference on X (AICT) will continue to hold joint cooperation.


After long discussions AAdamov, A.Rustamov, ƏSahintas, Chief Engineer, PhD Rashid Alekperov, head of the department of economics PhD, associate professor Thereafter Aliyev, Vugar Musayev PhD, head of the department Tahmasib Fataliyev , sector head, PhD Shafagat Makhmudova and others noted the importance of the event, expressed suggestions and recommendations.

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