FileSender service launched at AzScienceNet Network Operation Center 2024-03-29 17:05:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Today, privacy and data security have become top priority to organizations and individuals alike. However, secure, trustworthy and transparent services for sharing files are difficult to find. In most cases, users don’t know what happens with their files, even if they are deleted. This not only poses a risk to data security and privacy, but also creates serious impediments to compliance and control.

FileSender is an open source web application for sending files of any size quickly and securely. The sender has full control over the identity of the recipient and access to the files for a certain period of time.

In order to ensure data and privacy security, the installation of FileSender at the AzScienceNet Network Operation Center has been completed.

In February of this year, online information exchange was held on FileSender. Samad Dursunov, chief specialist of AzScienceNet Network Operation Center, represented the institute at the online meeting attended by 35 representatives of 21 organizations (including 15 Research and Education Networks) from 18 countries.





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