EaPConnect website: AzScienceNet completes the expansion of its data centre in Baku 2023-03-27 10:31:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

On the "EaPConnect" website, a news story was published about the completion of the expansion of the AzScienceNet Network Operation Center at the Institute of Information Technology of the AR Ministry of Science and Education.

It is stated in the news story that there was a need to restructure, review and expand its technical capabilities to be able to adapt to and meet users’ requirements in the research and education communities of Azerbaijan and further afield. The area of the data centre increased from 35 to 140 square meters and it now also features a more powerful, high-capacity cooling system.

Head of Centre Babak Nabiyev stated that these changes will enable AzScienceNet, which is also one of the five beneficiaries of the EapConnect project, to expand its activities as an NREN in the international research and education arena.

The expansion of the data centre will undoubtedly increase the visibility of the AzScienceNet NOC at a national and international level which will in turn facilitate the NREN’s integration of the research and education community of Azerbaijan into the wider European research and education panorama. As a consequence, AzScienceNet looks forward to more Azerbaijani universities and research institutes joining the network, connecting and benefitting from GÉANT’s targeted and expert services.


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