An employee of AzScienceNet participated in the service marketing seminar of GEANT 2023-02-07 15:00:00 / CONFERENCES

Konul Aliyeva, chief specialist at the AzScienceNet Operation Management Center of the Institute of Information Technology, participated in the service marketing workshop organized by the GEANT Association. The online seminar was attended by the partners of the EapConnect project, as well as members of the international scientific and educational community from the Southeast European region.

Karl Meyer, GEANT's Product Marketing Manager, gave an overview of service and product marketing, noting that it is an area that requires special understanding of technologies and services, as well as marketing concepts. According to him, product marketing, requiring different skills, mainly plays the role of a bridge between technologies, services and users: "Service marketing specialists must understand the technology and speak the same language as the product developers and users in order to be able to explain certain concepts to the end -users. In addition, product marketers must be able to apply marketing aspects to the stages of product development to prove that the product or service is truly necessary for users."

Then, the ways of applying the presented concepts and principles were discussed within the framework of practical exercises.

More detailed information about the workshop can be obtained through this link.

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